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習近平:打造第二個“金色十年” 金磚國家要這樣做


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愛國情·奮斗者 廣東綠道引領綠色生活 第六屆“粵治·治理現代化”交流會 "中國夢"主題新創作歌曲展 廣東省藥品科普進基層活動月

抓住機遇 加強合作 讓金磚更有“含金量”


廣東省文明辦 南方報業傳媒集團 廣東楹聯學會征集2020年道德春聯啟事

News Guangdong

China ready to achieve common prosperity with Brazil: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday China is fully confident in China-Brazil cooperation and stands ready to achieve common prosperity with Brazil.

First overseas Chinese GBA conference kicks off in Guangzhou

Over 440 overseas Chinese elites in the fields of politics, economics, technology gathered in Guangzhou on November 12th for the first overseas Chinese Greater Bay Area conference. The conference saw the launch of an initiative to appeal all overseas Chinese to play a more significant role in the development of the GBA.

China, Greece to pool wisdom for community with shared future for mankind

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Greek counterpart, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, agreed here on Monday to contribute the wisdom of ancient Eastern and Western civilizations to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

China's Singles' Day shopping spree sees robust sales

China's Singles' Day sales on Alibaba's e-commerce platform TMall exceeded 213.5 billion yuan (30.47 billion U.S. dollars) at 4:31 p.m. on Monday.

CEOs positive about cruise economy in Guangzhou

The 14th China Cruise Shipping Conference & International Cruise Expo was held from November 15th to 17th in Guangzhou. It attracted more than 600 representatives from the government departments as well as cruise related associations and enterprises from home and abroad.

Join us and be a real ‘Lao Guang’!

Do you want to get to know the past and present of Guangzhou? Do you want to learn about Guangzhou traditional art forms such as paper-cut and “lion head” making?
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